18th Century Portrait of an aristocrat C1770

18th Century Portrait of an aristocrat C1770 The Royal House of Hanover ruled Hanover, Great Britain and Ireland at various times from the 17th to 20th centuries. George 1 was the first Hanoverian King of Great Britain, ascending the British throne in 1714. He was succeeded by King George 11 and in 1760 by King George 111. George I, George II, and George III also served as Electors ( rulers ) of Hanover. From 1814, when Hanover became a kingdom, the British monarch was also King of Hanover. This elegant and unusual portrait, circa 1770, shows a family member or official almost certainly in the service of the Royal Hanover Family. He has a distinctive and finely painted face with striking blue eyes. The relaxed and self-assured pose suggests the sitter, possibly in hunting clothes, with his dog languidly at his feet, was an aristocrat and the portrait's provenance in the Royal Collection implies he had a close association with the Royal Hanover Family. — More Information

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