19th Century Training Model of HMS Daedalus 1826

19th Century Training Model of HMS Daedalus Measurements are: 42 inches x 73 inches. AN HISTORICALLY INTERESTING 19TH-CENTURY CADET TRAINING MODEL OF H.M.S. DAEDALUS (1826), with hull carved from the solid, planked main wale, open gun ports with turned wooden guns with tompions, chain plates with deadeyes and booms, metal anchors with wooden stocks, carved polychrome figurehead of admiral in bicorn hat, hammock racks with folded hammocks, all walks with belaying rails, covered hatches, capstan, companionway, bitts, saloon lights, double helm with wooden spindle, bound masts with yards and s’tuns’l booms, standing and running rigging and other details, mounted on black ebonised base (later). Overall measurements -- 42 x 73in. (107 x 185.5cm.), A modified ‘Leda’ class frigate, H.M.S. Daedalus was a fifth rate with 46 guns built in 1826, and never commissioned in its original state. The Leda class was built to the lines of the French frigate Hebe and was the largest class of sailing frigates. Roofed and laid up for 18 years, Daedalus was converted into a 19-gun corvette in 1844 and commissioned as a sixth rate. In 1845, along with Agincourt, Cruizer, Vestal, and Vixen, Daedalus destroyed the pirate stronghold of Serriff Osman in the Sungei Malloodoo. In 1851 Daedalus was converted into a training ship and served as such until 1911 when she was broken up at Bristol. This model shows her in her original state as a fifth rate frigate. — More Information

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There are a couple of very minor breaks in the rigging which are hardly noticeable and could be easily repaired. These repairs can be carried out in our own workshops and included in the asking price.

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