Rare early portrait of Napoleon by Stephanus Chiantor dated 1803

Rare early portrait of Napoleon by Stephanus Chiantor dated 1803 This is a rare early portrait on Napoleon dated when he was 34 years old and already First Consul, after his successful campaigns in Italy. He became Emperor in 1805, crowned in December 1804 Stephanus Chiantor is known as an artist with another portrait of his, of Charles Emmanuel 1V of Sardinia appearing on the internet. That is also in a naive style and this painting is easily identifiable as by the same hand. Measurements are: 66cm wide, 84cm high, 7cm deep — More Information

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When this portrait was discovered, it had a 20th century lining glued to the back of the original canvas. Removal of the lining, which was unnecessary as the canvas was in excellent and firm condition, revealed the signature/inscription on the original canvas: Stephanus Chiantor pinxit 1803. This confirmed the authorship beyond doubt.

Stefano Chiantore, also known as Stephanus Chiantor was an Italian artist of the early 19th century active in Turin. In 1824 Chiantore was appointed Official Artist to the Royal Court of King Victor Emanuel 1 of Sardinia. His portrait of the King was made into a fine engraving, a copy of which is held in the British Museum.

This rare early portrait of Napoleon, probably inspired by Napoleon’s campaigns in Italy, depicts Napoleon in the uniform of a Colonel of the Light Cavalry and wearing the Legion d’honneur, the famous French order which Napoleon founded in 1802.

Measurements: 75cmsx56cms (29½x22inches) Framed: 84cmsx66cmsx7cmsdeep