Superb Late 18th Century Oil Painting of an Officer in uniform

Superb Late 18th Century Oil Painting of an Officer in uniform The painting of the officer dates to approx 1790 to 1800. The uniform is identifiable as Russian by the green and scarlet colours which were adopted by Peter the Great. The cut of the coat with its stand-and-fall collar and double breasted and collared waistcoat date it to 1790-1800. He is wearing the Prussian Order of the Black Eagle. This was the highest order of chivalry in the Kingdom of Prussia. The order was founded on 17th January 1701 by Electir Friedrich 1. It was generally awarded to Prussian Royal Familes and some members of foreign Royal Families. In so far as it was awarded to people who were not Royal it was only awarded for services of exceptional merit. As this portrait does not appear sufficiently grand to be of a member of a Royal Family, it can be assumed that it was awarded for outstanding merit. It may be possible to identify the recipient with some investigation as only 407 Orders were awarded between 1701 to 1918, relatively few to non royals. Whilst the subject could be a Russian officer he could also be a Prussian serving in the Russian Army. Anyway, he is one of very few ( presumably ) non royals to receive the order. The painting appears to have an indecipherable signature, probably in Cyrillic. It is in an early 19th century European frame. Measurements are 29 inches x 34 inches x 3 inches deep to include frame. — More Information

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